Péro: Illustrations Come to Life

At the intersection of traditional Indian textiles and handmade artistry sits Aneeth Arora’s line, Péro. Since its launch in 2009, Péro has taken the world by storm, as they continue to produce feminine and whimsical designs with a distinctly Indian perspective.

Creating timeless and intricate handloomed pieces, each garment travels through India and is touched by more than half a dozen artisans who specialize in particular techniques. Through this process Péro’s collections remain grounded and tied to the community through more than just local inspiration.

As such, traditionally Indian fabrics and shapes are always present in her work. This allows them to produce collections in tandem with the moment and the community. The line’s reach doesn’t stop there, as the main intention surrounding Pero’s foundation remains connecting women all over the globe, through clothing that celebrates truly unique and delicate beauty.

As a testament to their outreach, Péro took to instagram, releasing a series of illustrations commissioned from several different artists for their FW’18 collection. View their instagram to see the full series featured here, created by @stewtea, in addition to the work by the other artists.

Showcasing an in depth understanding of uncommon textiles, watch as Aneeth’s designs come to life. From tartan plaid revisited in pink and coral, made in the hills of Himchal, Pradesh, to the carefully stitched embroidery, Pero is truly an inspiration.

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