Task Sandal in Dawn

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Trippen Task Sandal in Dawn

• Multicolor, Hand-Dyed
• Open Toe
• Cut Out Details
• Zipper Closure at Heel
• Leather Body is Slightly Textured and Extremely Soft
• Lav Leather Body: Chrome-tanned, denim-lined goat or sheepskin washed at high temperatures and dyed by hand. Not recommended for people with chrome allergies.
• Swan Sole in Black: Flowing lines emphasize the sole's gracefulness and make it appear almost weightless. An insole made of vegetable-tanned leather ensures optimum comfort.

Since the beginning of Trippen in the early 1990s, the company has remained true to its aspiration to perform beyond common fashion rules while establishing its own unique way to design and produce shoes. Trippen shoes are engineered to be avant-garde, architectural and supremely comfortable. From the minimal to the experimental, each model is made to last — transcending seasons and outliving trends to instead grow with their wearer as they journey through life.

Fabric: 100% Leather
Sole: 100% Rubber
Fit: True to Size, if You Wear a Size 9, Order a Size 39
Origin: Made in Berlin, Germany

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