Handmade Crumpled Linen Kitchen Towels in Panarea Blu

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Bertozzi Handmade Crumpled Linen Kitchen Towels in Panarea Blu

• Hand Sewn & Hand Stamped
• Wood Block Printed
• Rectangle
• Multicolor
• Steam, Water and Solar Power Color Fixed

Family-owned since 1920, the collective of Bertozzi artisans are skilled in the traditional Italian block-printing method. They design numerous original motifs and use color recipes that are well-kept family secrets. Situated in the northernmost hills of Italy, the workshop concerns itself with environmental sustainability by operating completely on solar-based power. The result of their efforts is linens and ceramics layered with distinct brayer lines and brush strokes in a rich variety of colors that suit all seasons and occasions.

Materials: 100% Linen
Size: Approx. 21.5" x 27.5"
Care: Machine Wash Hot or Dry Clean; Do Not Bleach
Origin: Handmade in Italy

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