Punjab Cotton/Silk Embroidery Chope c. 1920

Antique and Vintage
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Antique and Vintage Punjab Cotton/Silk Embroidery Chope c. 1920

• Vintage Textile
• Patterned & Textured
• Intricate Silk Embroidery
• Woven by Maternal Grandmother c. 1920
• Made in Punjab, India
• Unique Variations in Color & Texture

Vintage and antique textiles have experienced a full life before making their way to our stores. A vintage item of exceptional quality should not be viewed as brand new, as it shows signs of a lifetime, or several, being used and appreciated by its original makers. Evidence of this well-lived life may be visible in slightly distressed fabric, loose threads, small tears, non-standard sizes and other unique imperfections.

Material: Most Likely Cotton, Exact Fabric Content Unknown
Care: Gentle Spot Clean
Size: Approx. 110" L x 63" W
Origin: Handcrafted in Punjab, India

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