Table Magazine

Press / Spring 2023

For TABLE Magazine’s most recent issue, we set our table with fresh flowers, Bertozzi porcelain, and hand-blown glasses from La Soufflerie. This acted as the backdrop for dinner, delight, and the opportunity to share Wild Life’s mission: to celebrate true handicraft and the value it holds in a ready-made world.

Stamperia Bertozzi, one of Wild Life’s core offerings, dressed the table in hues of saffron and sunflower. A multi-generational family business, their artisans maintain a lineage of integrity that spans over a century. Crafted in limoges porcelain, serving platters and bowls make the ideal canvas for a meal rich in vegetables and fresh fruit. Our owner and buyer, Shobhan Porter, shared that “the products are the maker,” a fact evident in the gentle divots and marks in the finish of each piece. 

At Wild Life, tableware, linens, soft goods and antique textiles exhibit the intangible spirit of craftsmanship. Each piece exudes a sense of excellence – items from antique dowry blankets to handmade contemporary ceramics, and exemplify the cultures, traditions and aesthetic values of their makers. Our table serves more than just dinner; it is a place to appreciate the act of gathering and the instruments that help us do so.

Special thanks to Keith Recker for his continuous inspiration and the entire TABLE Magazine team for their collaboration and joy. We had much fun sharing our world with you!

Story by Julia Platt Leonard for Table Magazine New Mexico; Photography by Tira Howard; Styling by Kitty Solon, Foraged Floral Designs; Food by Chef Joseph Wrede, Joseph’s Culinary Pub; Shot on location at Wild Life Santa Fe.

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