Greig Porter Turquoise

Greig Porter Turquoise

In Nevada, south of Tonopah, is where you will find the storied Grasshopper Mine. Closed for 30-40 years after it was discovered, it is a very small mine owned by a former Santa Fe resident. Because production is so limited, Grasshopper Turquoise has become a rare and treasured stone.

Grasshopper Necklace

Of the Grasshopper Turquoise necklace, Greig Porter explains that it took him four years to source all nine stones from the owner of the Grasshopper Mine. Greig was in search of a particular series of shapes, with soft concaves at their edges, of the highest collectible quality. Set in 18 carat gold to elevate the matrix in each stone, and backed in silver to lay fully flat at the neckline, this necklace is a true labor of love.

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