Trippen: Bold Boots

Woodsy aesthetics meet high-rise style in Trippen’s boot selection for fall, wherein balmoral influences contrast with avant-garde silhouettes.

Trippen Lace Up Proof Boot in White and Black

Suited for both the streets of New York and the peaks of Skye, the silhouettes are striking, but not without their subtleties.

Delicate stitching, expert seams and organic pleats are as important to the designs as the bold buckles and laces that define the delivery.

Trippen Hover Boot in Black
Trippen Zip Up Intent Shoe in Black
Trippen Lace Up Develop Boot in White

Trippen designers Oehler and Spieth’s architectural background is on full display within the collection, built by a foundation of cross-tie buckles, winding leather bands and angular footbeds that are simultaneously earthy and industrial.

A selection of knee-high boots make an appearance within this delivery as an interpretation of the classic riding boot and a welcome counterpoint to the shorter bootie and shoe styles.

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