Textures of Nature

Gilda Midani’s collections are for the adventurer at heart.

With each delivery, we are transported to spectacular places. In these locales, wildness and freedom reign and the clothes so perfectly reflect the place and time. Our discovery? The ancient, sheer-walled table-mountain massifs that comprise the Gran Sabana of Venezuela.

Equatorial sun floods across the moist, jungle-covered plateaus. Water cascades over Angel Falls – the world’s tallest uninterrupted waterfall – and mixes with the tannin-rich rivers of the Yuruaní, Aponwao, Kukenán, Suruku, Ikabarú, Karuay, Urimán and Antabare.

As the Northern Hemisphere shifts towards fall, Gilda’s collection of richly-colored, mineral-dyed pieces are in conversation with this locale. The new colors and styles remain unified by the underlying dyeing techniques, from the primitive beeswax batik to the ancient shibori of Japan.

Says Gilda about her work: “I’m fascinated by the textures of nature, and by the imprint that time leaves on surfaces, and by its effect on things and on people.”

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