Summer Sandals

Summer style is often synonymous with letting loose, being bold or letting your hair down.

For whatever adventures are before you, we present our favorite sandals and slides – from vintage to edgy, sleek to playful.


Since Trippen’s beginnings in the early 1990’s, they have been dedicated to engineering avant-garde, architectural shoes that are not only beautiful, but supremely comfortable. In their newest slate of offerings, they explore the sustainable future with greater depth through the Kismet and Karma sandals – made entirely out of recycled rubber and leather.


Handing down Romagna crafting traditions from generation to generation, each Brador shoe is entirely handmade by their artisan team in Puglia. With a focus on detailed craftsmanship and timelessness in style, these lightweight sandals are an easy pick for day-to-day summer dressing.

Officine Creative

In search of the elusive modern classic, look no further than Officine Creative’s exquisite selection of handmade leather shoes. Made by a trusted collective of Italian craftspeople, these sophisticated sandals hold an antique charm thanks to proprietary finishing techniques. Over 100 different processes are used on each pair to achieve an authentic, lived-in patina.


Founded in 2001, Marsèll’s handmade designs speak to the heart of craft culture, blurring the lines between modern and bygone eras in their dynamic silhouettes. Geometric forms are shaped, rounded and arranged in their sandals through a meticulous attention to detail.

Golden Goose

Concepted by two Venetian designers, Golden Goose has gone above and beyond in producing innovative and spirited products that combine modern and vintage style. Their sandals mimic the signature distressed, streetwear aesthetic of their beloved sneakers – studded with bold star icons and dressed-up leopard prints.

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