Soft & Subtle Minimalism: SHI Linens

Since 1980, Shayesteh Nazemi, also known as SHI, has consistently delivered some of the world’s finest fabrics.

Her Spring/Summer ‘23 offers no exception as it dreams us into warmer weather with soft silhouettes, gentle color palette, and fabrics that fall just right on the form.

SHI’s linen and raw silk pieces come from her mill in Scotland. A team of local artisans hand loom each fabric, laying the threads one by one across traditional looms. Well-placed slits and soft collars elevate blouses in this collection above our expectations. Their lines and folds suggest a quiet elegance and her designs reveal the quality of the fabric as each piece moves along the lines of the body.

As breezy and light as the weather it accompanies, SHI’s collection invites us outside into the sun. Her work blends with the seasons — captures the first blush of spring, and hints at the summer days ahead.

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