Reflection & Refraction

Much of what makes a beautiful piece of jewelry is the way its stones react to light.

Reflection – how light bounces around the interior of the stone – plays in tension against refraction – the specific way the stone “bends” light – to create the luminesce inherent to precious gems. Pippa Small’s collection is a meditation on this interplay of shimmer and shine, exposing the organic beauty found within her hand-picked jewels.

In every way that Pippa presents her gems, each seems to “glow” even in the softest light. Rather than lean on conventional cuts, Pippa carves oblique facets that best show the natural shape of each gem alongside its internal glimmer.

Occasionally, Pippa will opt for cabochon – a smooth polishing of the gem surface that allows brilliant color to take the lead. With an aquamarine, it is as if Pippa has cast a water droplet in gold.

A good jeweler maximizes both the reflection and refraction, aiming for a veritable fireworks show. However, a great jeweler knows when to step back and allow the natural push and pull of these elements to elevate them beyond the ordinary. Pippa Small is among the latter, her collection ripe with dynamic, fascinating pieces that balance subtlety and sparkle.

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