One-of-a-Kind Labradorite

Monies one-of-a-kind collection comes in the colors of ocean and sky: smokey gray agate, luminous clear quartz, dark freshwater pearls and glimmers of blue-green labradorite.

These semiprecious stones lay in hand-knotted strands and suggest the treasures found in tidepools and the power of the ocean crashing on shore.

Husband-wife duo Nikolai and Gerda Monies have innovated in jewelry since 1973 using uncommon materials and larger-than-life designs. Both classically trained goldsmiths, they branched into a range of surprising materials far wider than gold.

Based in Copenhagen and working with an international following, their sculptural pieces delight the senses. While the stones are precious, the designs offer a sense of play. Each piece–in its form, material, and scale–conveys a sense of wonder.

Art and nature meet in the most recent Monies one-of-a-kind collection. The bracelet, necklace, and earrings play with light and color and recall the natural elements that worked over time to create the stones themselves.

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