Gilda Midani: F/W 22

For Fall, Gilda has dived into palettes both new and familiar.

Gilda Midani Fall 2022 Promotional Image

Steel Planet swims in copper and silver tones.

Golden Diamond is a splash of bronze and black set against cream.

Nighttime ocean waters lap the shore in her expression of Aquamarine.

Understanding that freedom in both form and feeling mean different things to different people, Gilda Midani explores feminine styles, such as the Bloom dress and the Gilet Jacket, alongside sportier silhouettes in the Square pullover and the Monoprix tee.

“I strongly believe that comfort makes the body peaceful. And that elegance and beauty are the natural outgrowth of that feeling. Our pieces are made entirely by hand, many loving hands, for a single purpose: to make you feel as free as possible.”

Gilda Midani

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