Denise Betesh

Ancient Technique, Timeless Design

Cradled in a matte 22K gold, Denise Betesh’s gemstones have no equal. Hand-selected for their superior color, clarity and character, she crafts her jewelry with a delicate, but classic touch – balancing the ideals of both ancient adornment and contemporary style.

Based in Santa Fe, Denise derives inspiration for her designs from the history, culture and landscape of the city. Much like the place we both call home, her jewelry has a lasting presence – coveted and appreciated for its timelessness and natural beauty.

Oceanic aquamarine, delicate pearl and elegant blue sapphire all find a niche within Denise’s repertoire. The smallest of details are carefully attended to – even her settings, hooks and accents exhibit an artistry all their own.

Not one to shy away from unusual stones, she also explores the possibilities of champagne diamonds and danburite alongside traditional brilliant offerings.

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