Autumnal Velvet: The Season’s Favorite Fabric

Finding its way into the refined garments of several clothiers across Europe, the always-luxurious velvet is a fabric of choice for a selection of French, British, and Italian fashion houses.

Album di Famiglia Velvet Coat

Velvet, a textile known for its distinctive soft feel and its lustrous sheen, has been an adored fabric for over 1000 years.

One of the highest qualities of fabrics, the material has long been associated with royalty and nobility and reserved for expensive and extravagant garments, furniture and decorations.

Velvet Lined Italian/Spanish Chasuble via The MET Collection
Velvet Upholstered French Armchair via The MET Collection
Italian Velvet Textile via The MET Collection
French, Italian, and Spanish Velvet Antiques via The MET

Traditionally created from silk, and softest in premium versions of this variant, velvet textiles can be produced from a variety of fibers in the current day.

By weaving together materials of varying thicknesses on a special loom and then being cut apart, the lush texture of the fabric is a result of the short pile created during its production process.

Close Up Detail of Velvet Textile Image via Isokivi

This historically prized fabric is being offered in layer-ready velvet pieces for the fall and winter season.

Of particular note is the prevalence of a golden brown coloring inspired by the reds, yellows, and oranges of the changing leaves of fall.

Album di Famiglia, the celebrated family-led Italian brand, has included jackets and coats made from cotton velvet blends in this rich hue.

Another Italian cotton velvet offering comes from Daniela Gregis with her sumptuous ochre tops and pants that feel like butter.

From British designer, Toogood, is a silk velvet sophisticated, collarless top in this inspired tone.

But this popular color isn’t the only option in autumnal velvets – deep blues and polished blacks abound in the collections of Daniela Gregis, Album di Famiglia and Casey Casey.

From the streets of Paris, Casey Casey offers a glossy, black cotton velvet coat in their typical sharp, well-tailored style.

With so many designers utilizing this famed textile, this season is an alluring time to bring this beloved fabric into any wardrobe.

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