Alonpi & Wommelsdorff: Cashmere Lifestyle

When it comes to the autumn wardrobe, no fabric is as essential as cashmere.


It is at its best during cool mornings, sun-steeped afternoons and cold, cozy evenings by the fire.

However, the quality you choose is just as important as how it feels. No brand champions this textile the same way Alonpi does.

The source of cashmere and silk for luxury houses across the world, this family-run clothier celebrates the best qualities of Italian cashmere in both feel and form.


This legacy of Italian excellence is carried on by Wommelsdorff, a specialty knitwear company based in Berlin.

Designer Anne Schramm expertly melds the caliber of traditional Italian craftsmanship with the German heritage of crochet and knitting techniques handed down by her family for generations.

Her handspun yarns are sumptuous, but still lightweight and breathable.


This lifestyle of cloud-like cashmere is undoubtedly elevated by its timelessness in style – defined by pieces that wear well season after season, and feel just as lovely as they did the first time.

With Alonpi and Wommelsdorff, the combination of plush pullovers, cozy wraps and gauzy, hand painted shawls create a wonderland of texture and color to explore.

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