Peter Speliopoulos | New Arrivals

When: August 22, 2020

New pieces from Peter Speliopoulos are available in-store and online at Wild Life!

Peter Speliopoulos is an artistic powerhouse. Putting aside his innate aesthetics, his passion for color, texture, and craftsmanship is rooted in a long career in fashion. After winning Designer of the Year upon graduation from Parsons, Peter worked for Christian Dior and others before becoming Creative Director at Nino Cerruti, Donna Karan, and Urban Zen. A chance meeting with Director/Choreographer Karole Armitage resulted in over 30 creative costume collaborations for ballet. He chose to balance the drama of fashion and theater with several philanthropic pursuits including a current involvement in the International Folk Art Market and the organization’s celebration of modern global craft.

Peter’s practice seeks to find beauty in individuality and imperfections. Of particular note are his ceramics– vessels inspired by antiquity, with a rugged yet contemporary spin. Using an interpretation of traditional wheel-thrown forms, he creates works that emphasize experimentation and texture. His surfaces beg the touch and manifest a visual power that makes the piece and the viewer feel wholly alive.

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