Péro Resort Reveals the Color of the Year

Trends typically take a backseat to textiles, as Péro is designed with a focus primarily on craft. Each garment is hand-loomed and dyed by artisans. Elaborate details are created by more than half a dozen artists working together on a single piece. Although some may say this is limiting, it allows Péro to establish works of art that are essentially timeless. Aneeth Arora’s creative genius isn’t stifled either. This is evident as Péro Resort has almost perfectly coincided with the release of Pantone’s color of the year for 2019.

lighthearted activity beneath the sea

Images: Sagar Ahuja @ Vogue

Opening India Fashion Week this season was Aneeth Arora’s Spring 2019 collection for her brand Péro. Arora aptly titled this collection “Finding Péro,” a humorous adaptation from the Walt Disney classic. The show was characteristically theatrical as models walked poolside in embroidered, beaded, and flowing textiles while wearing hats in the shape of coral and fish by paper sculptor, Carlos Urgese. As Aneeth explained through the captions of videos released on facebook, inspiration from marine life played a large role in the creation of her collection for Spring/Summer 2019.

As a color, Pantone stated that Living Coral, “welcomes and encourages lighthearted activity,” so it is only proper that we draw a connection to Péro. From their runway display to their aesthetic, their attitude is overwhelmingly positive, and perfect for those who are in search of playful expression.

in search of authentic connections

Left Images: Péro @ Facebook 1 & 2

Pantone also chose coral as color of the year because people are constantly seeking, “authentic and immersive experiences that enable connection and intimacy.” As a brand Péro has long stood for the creation of clothing where the fit and fads are secondary to craft and emotional connection. This relationship however, isn’t limited to the wearer and the garment. When an item has a history that is richly coated in care at the hands of thoughtful creators, you can’t help but feel an immediate attraction that flows deeper than surface aesthetic. Aneeth wishes for people to feel connected through her collections wherever they are worn, whether it is to the people who heartily worked on her designs, or simply to one another.

coral details and color blocking

Sociable and spirited, it is fitting that Péro Resort contrasts muted pastels and the natural colors of delicate linens with bright yellows and pinks. Simultaneously, whimsical details are paired alongside bold color-blocking. Aneeth’s designs are unwaveringly feminine and playful, as she experiments with asymmetrical hemlines and continues to interpret handmade crafts as luxury.

A number of items from this collection include coral tones as well, whether they act as accents or paint the pieces entirely. As a whole, the color warmly conveys comfort and positivity when used simply, and becomes effervescent and enthusiastic in patterns and textures.


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