Meet the Maker: VOZ

Founded in 2012 by Jasmine Etoile Aarons, VOZ bridges the gap between centuries-old crafting traditions and modern fashion design platforms. VOZ is a B corporation certified ethical fashion company, that strives to protect the livelihoods, well-being, and cultural values of rural indigenous women globally. Dedicated to honoring and empowering Mapuche artisans in many aspects of their lives, Jasmine has established a platform that allows the artisans to flourish by providing them with education and sustainable fair-trade employment. Today, VOZ provides over 100 jobs to women in South America.

VOZ Woven Fabric and Artisan Images via: madebyVOZ

Using premium quality natural and ecological fibers, they create collections that are hand dyed and woven by indigenous women at their primary education center in Temuco, Chile. Each of the artisans also receives credit and royalties for their contributions to every design. VOZ simultaneously provides design leadership, training, and opportunity for indigenous women in rural regions. They are continually revitalizing ancient weaving techniques that are indigenous to the Southern Chilean region. Each of their Mapuche Master Weavers infuses their collaborative designs with symbols from their family traditions. These Mapuche artisans are the largest indigenous group in South America, and the only indigenous group that was never conquered by the Spanish.

VOZ Mapuche Weavers
VOZ Mapuche Artisan Image via: madebyVOZ

Their textiles feature the finest noble materials from the Andean region: baby alpaca, wool, and Pima cotton. Carefully woven and skillfully rendered, each piece created by VOZ is unique and filled with detail, carrying traces of the hands that made it.

Join VOZ in their mission to create opportunities for indigenous artisan communities around the world.

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