Mastering Shibui

AODress Spring/ Summer 2024. Inspired by the exquisite textile traditions of India, designers Mitsunori Ishimatsu and Miho Kuroda capture the Japanese concept of “shibui” – a term reserved for subdued, well-made goods.

India, at its core, is a marvel of textile prowess. It is the source of world-renowned fabrics such as suvin cotton and khadi silk, and the birthplace of the embroidery techniques kantha and phulkari. Exquisite textures and fabrications are as core to India’s artistic identity as turmeric and cardamom are to its cooking – an understanding designers Mitsunori Ishimatsu and Miho Kuroda champion through their label, AODress.

Designed in Moriya – a small town just outside the districts of Tokyo, Japan – Mitsunori and Miho combine the cultural textile traditions of India with contemporary Japanese design tenets. This union of heritage and modernity culminates in a collection of simplified, utilitarian silhouettes made from the finest handwoven linen, silk and cotton.

Rendered in bright blues and soft greys, AODress’ Spring/ Summer 2024 is a breath of fresh air. The fabrics are thicker and more textural than standard Italian summer linens, while still maintaining a comfortable and lightweight feel on the form.

The embellishments, found on several of the jackets and dresses, are not ostentatious. Instead, they seem to sprout organically from the fabric itself like morning dew on a field of wildflowers. As with all of their designs, Mitsunori and Miho aim for shibui within their collection – a Japanese term that describes the tranquility of subdued, well-made goods.

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