Introducing: Sia Taylor

British designer Sia Taylor was a sculpture artist, originally graduating from London’s Royal College of Art. Spending time during her last semester in Botswana, she immersed herself in the art of jewelry making, inspired by the subtle intricacies of nature, creating work that is an impression of its essence.

Video via Sia Taylor

One would imagine that working at such a small scale does not come naturally to those who have spent their lives dedicated to sculpture. For some time, she couldn’t evade the feeling that she was working in the wrong scale. 

“With sculpture, I always felt like I had to be saying something profound.” 

Sia Taylor

A world of possibilities began to unfold as she learned to express the ideas that were surfacing through her sculptural lens, in gold and intimate proportions. Jewelry making sparked the creative freedom that she was searching for. Her initial jewelry collection was rooted in the spirit of delicate insect wings, seeds and buds that entranced her.

“It’s the sound or movement of the wind, in the grass rather than the grass itself…I love the idea of capturing these quiet, little events and recreating their essence in precious objects.”

Sia Taylor

At Sia Taylor’s studio in the Somerset countryside, each of her pieces is meticulously handcrafted. She describes her process as being organic, both in spirit and the way her pieces develop. Whether it’s the sound of the wind caressing the trees or the way light scatters across moving water, she begins by visualizing a sensation.

As she works on the piece, it naturally takes shape. Understated and poetic, lightweight chains are soon decorated with airy golden plates that dance with each movement. Her work comes to fruition through an innate sense of the world and a vision of the elements in nature that spark joy in her heart. As a result of this labor of love, each of her pieces is imbued with a depth and soul that is undeniable, which will ultimately be cherished and passed on for decades to come. 

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