Introducing: Mallary Marks

Mallary Marks, a New York based jeweler trained at the renowned Rhode Island School of Art and Design, has a special knack for teasing out the best properties within precious gems.

Mallary Marks' Colorful Necklace and Earirngs

To Mallary, pure shapes are the only way to go.

Focusing primarily on beads and the silhouettes created when hung together, her work is sculptural and delicate.

Within each piece she captures a world of vibrant color – heavily influenced by the art of Alexander Calder, Odilon Redon and Henri Matisse.

Mallary Marks' Necklace
Mallary Marks' Earirngs

Plump emeralds dangle lightly from double drop earrings. By polishing the jewels instead of faceting, Mallary unveils the lush jardin within. Warm gold in 18K and 22K elevates her candy store of exquisite gems to their sunniest, most elemental state.

Mimicking Calder’s complex hanging sculptures, Mallary suspends gems, such as Ceylon sapphire, kyanite and aquamarine, from gold hoops in many of her pieces. The contrast of juicy, clear gems against the dark lustre of hematite and onyx nods to the graphic shapes of Matisse.

Mallary Marks' Colorful Necklace and Earirngs

Mallary Marks’ jewelry is ultimately fresh and delightful. Her concepts are developed freely, in a creative stream of consciousness that invites unbridled artistry into each piece.

She does not shy away from unusual gem or color combinations, allowing her work to fit seamlessly into the worlds of both delicate evening wear and favorite everyday adornment.

“While I recognize the necessity for a basis of observed reality… true art lies in a reality that is felt.”

— Odilon Redon

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