I Pezzi Dipinti: Trunk Show

Cathryn Collins is the designer behind I Pezzi Dipinti, a brand dedicated to creating clothing with help from artisans around the world. Her line of cashmere knitwear and textiles are testaments to the handiwork of individuals from Italy to India.


Collins created I Pezzi Dipinti in 1988. The name itself means “painted pieces” in Italian, and the first iteration of her business surrounded painted pieces of furniture. She had previously worked for Knoll furniture on marketing and product development. During that time she became obsessed with artisanal furniture production and eventually met a family that had been restoring painted 15th – 17th-century furniture. She later worked with artisans in Nepal to create textiles, and eventually creators in Umbria, Italy, to produce cashmere knitwear.

The reason her designs are crafted in so many locations is due to the fact she built her business around her love of traveling and love for the locations the artisans she works with.  Many of her textiles are made in India, from Kashmir to Bangladesh, through dozens of individuals who are spinning, weaving, embroidering and tie-dying these authentic pieces. Working with the most talented artisans, I Pezzi Dipinti also produces cashmere knitwear in Italy, and most recently, bespoke furs in New York. A mix of elevated craftsmanship and forward-thinking is what has created such strong designs.

Despite the success of Cathryn’s work, I Pezzi Dipinti is only available through trunk shows in New York, London, Jackson Hole and Aspen, and now, Santa Fe. The brand is a favorite of those who prefer under-the-radar finds. Please join us in welcoming Cathryn Collins for a trunk show on July 26th and 27th, 2019.

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