Hania: Cashmere as Canvas

When admiring Hania’s plush cashmere, sourced from the renowned Todd & Duncan mill in Scotland, the palettes of great artists echo from the yarns.

Hania Holly Green Cashmere Sweater

Their knits are steeped in Kandinsky‘s saturated marigold, Matisse‘s fiery harissa, Monet‘s royal blue, Cezanne‘s olive green and O’Keefe‘s soft pink.

Hania Spice Orange Cashmere Sweater
Hania Red Dulse Cashmere Sweater
Hania Noss Blue Cashmere Sweater
Hania Mischief Pink Cashmere Sweater

Just as these masters harnessed their hues from the landscapes around them, so does Hania find their most colorful inspirations.

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