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The Casey Casey studio is deeply Parisian, an atelier workshop where each piece is thoughtfully crafted by hand.

Inspiration is not born solely from the act of making – one must nourish the eye and mind to spark creativity. Designer Gareth Casey does this by stealing away to his farm. The small acreage is not so far away from the streets of Paris… but far enough to breathe with both lungs. It is here that the creative tends to his garden, and by doing so tends to his mind.

At the farm, wands of agrostis sway against a curtain of oleander and bougainvillaea. Gareth kneels in the grass, cotton shirt bunched up to his elbows, and pulls weeds from the damp autumn soil.

Taking this earthy experience back to the studio, Gareth designs his pieces to be not only attractive, but intensely liveable. His textiles are chosen not only for their finish and softness on the skin, but their superior durability – an echo of the workwear inspirations of Casey Casey’s roots.

Gareth describes himself as “ferociously independent” – an apt descriptor for those who are drawn to his brand. In creating, he strives for designs that awaken the senses without the artificiality of flash. His pieces are not precious because they are gilded or embellished, but rather because their simplicity resonates with those that share this philosophy. Work, relax, play – these pieces fit into all the places life itself flourishes.

It’s your actions that make you who you are.

Gareth Casey

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