Earth Day 2020

Some mornings we look out our window to find it sunny and beautiful, others we admire the clouds rolling in over the Sangre de Cristos. Here in Santa Fe, there is no shortage of earthly beauty; one of our favorite things about basing our stores and lives here.

However, on this 50 Year Earth Day we have slowed down to observe and reflect. There are some small yet significant changes afoot. Great Orme Kashmiri Goats are roaming the streets in Wales. Hawksbill Turtles are hatching on the beaches of Rio. Fin Whales are playing in the clear waters of the usually busy port of Marseille. Swans have returned to the canals of Venice in wake of the reduction of traffic.

Great Horned Owl with Talons and Yellow Eyes

Even domestically, animal shelters across the United States have seen a surge in foster and adoption applications. One thing has been made incredibly clear: we share every inch of the earth with all of its inhabitants and they’ve been waiting for ages to return. A drop in activity has led to a drop in air pollution. Inactive beaches have allowed natural wildlife to enjoy them again. Forest creatures can take to the streets in cities across the world without fear of collision. This Earth Day, our earthly brethren have offered freedom natural, beautiful and wilder. So, we hope on this day that you can join us to enjoy the environment more deeply and to consider all the ways that we can invest in protecting its magic.

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