Day as Night

Deeply inspired by the organic surroundings of her Brazilian studio, Gilda Midani is never far from nature.

Her hand-dyed works are a marvel, capturing the immense emotion of the environment through abstract color and pattern. Akin to the artwork of Darren Almond – a British photographer who specializes in landscapes exposed solely by the full moon – Gilda’s Fall/ Winter 2023 collection reveals a panorama of earthy brown and red, softened by the dark tones of night.

© Darren Almond, Full Moon

Cotton corduroy tops and egg pants are a treat we only see in Gilda’s fall collections. Not only are they soft to the hand, but the material takes dye incredibly well – leading to an intense presentation of color across these styles.

French terry, a smoother and softer knit than its terrycloth cousin, features prominently in Gilda’s hoodie selection. Stylish and sporty while maintaining Gilda’s key earthiness, these pieces are among our favorites season after season.

© Darren Almond, Full Moon

Gilda’s designs invite delicious curiosity – the scope of her abstracted vista is too broad to comprehend with just one look. Her designs are far from artificial or trite. This vital tangle of dyes is informed by centuries of spirituality and symbolism born from the mingling of cultures of Brazil. To consider her collections, one must consent to be swept through this world of primal, ancestral aesthetics, stand at the precipice of Gilda’s canyon of color and dive in without hesitation.

As we follow her into the depths, stay tuned for part two.

“In the dark of a moonless night, the canyon suggests unimaginable mysteries.”

— John Wesley Powell

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