Dancing with Péro Disco

Acting as a multi-color premonition, India-based Péro has delivered a line of playful and fun garments to lift our spirits through the end of the year. The line shines in sequined details and pops of candy red, blue and purple, complemented signature Péro embroidery and tailoring.

Courtesy of @ilovepero

Péro’s focus highlights the innate playfulness and joy that brings us all together. Their slogan “Time to Love” is both the central tenet of their design philosophy and the way their clothing feels on the body. Handmade in India by a team of skilled artisans and designers, each piece revels in bright colors and sunny prints reminiscent of the high-60s.

For Fall 2020, seemingly disparate elements, like shimmering sequins and classic plaids, meld together to create a whirlwind of play. While some of the garments hug the body, others flair over the form. Tiny details, like embroidered dots along the collar and multicolor stitching over the fabric, are sweet additions to an already thoughtful collection. The pieces are often reversible, giving them a flexible nature to pair with the subtleties in different outfits. Péro’s clothing is centered on connection with others– something sorely missed in a year rife with distanced gatherings and faraway loved ones. In color and joy, Pero reminds us of the importance in community. Here’s to dancing together, and apart, into the end of the year.

Courtesy of Péro

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