Caramel Caravan

As cooler weather flows in from the mountains, pre-fall colors take their place for an exciting season ahead.

Of all the hues twinned to this time of year, the most versatile is caramel. Call it toffee, butterscotch or cinnamon (a delicious series!), caramel is a foundational hue for the cool weather wardrobe. Lighter shades of white, cream and peach pair perfectly with its natural depth. And, in a few weeks, swap out the light tones for richer ones, such as gold, olive, dark orange and rust, to luxuriate in the full autumnal palette.

Autumn Footwear

Suede boots and cuoio top grain leathers make the perfect complement for a caramel-inspired wardrobe. Intended for regular wear, these materials function well in all weather. A quick brushing after rain exposure will keep suede looking fresh and lovely. Leather in these lighter hues will also endure without issue – Marsèll and Officine Creative dye their hides to survive and thrive on the road.

Complementary Colors

The best guide to styling caramel across lighter tones is to keep the textures of other pieces fairly simple. Flat or uniformly nubby knits will extend the inherent sophistication of this palette. When choosing deeper autumnal accents, such as rust, gold or navy, simply match your textures across the chosen hues to harmonize your look.

Alonpi inspires in delicately woven cashmere – their nutty brown stoles and capes make an elegant final layer. The soft leather fringe is reminiscent of classical western wear, updated for the refined, contemporary wardrobe.

In jewels, find a sparkling selection of garnet, chalcedony and citrine from Greig Porter. In his 18K necklace, Greig strings differing sizes and tones of the finely cut briolette gems to create a warm melange of color.

Beloved Bags

If there was a time for bags to take center stage, it would be fall. In our latest arrivals, explore a range of new styles. While some are quite soft and bohemian, others are structured and bold – making them inviting to carry no matter what defines your personal style. In our opinion, the best handbags are less of an accessory and more of something that is delightful to your hand – to touch, to squish into your lap on the plane or to sling over your most luscious sweater.

Overall, the richness of this palette invites fantasy to the mind… What pleasures do the next few months have in store for us? What will we do next? What will we wear? All these questions (and more!) are a delight to consider as we transition into autumn.

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