Istanbul’s Archaeology of Style

Ümit Ünal has been crafting his collection of high handwork goods for over 30 years.

However, his aesthetics were formed far before that. His upbringing in Istanbul honed his eye, from afternoons spent working in his family’s atelier to walking the streets surrounded by a millennia of history to childhood games played with scraps of fabric. Even his neighborhood, comprised of an eclectic mix of Anatolian, Armenian and Greek crafting masters, formed the foundation of his brand today.

Ümit’s silhouettes are taken directly from life – classical shapes and patterns, such as collared shirting and Scottish tartan, are reinterpreted through his unique aesthetic lens. By focusing on fit and feel before embellishing, he ensures pieces that are wholly practical while still celebrating the maker’s touch.

We find Ümit’s signature stitchwork to be twinned with the leatherwork of Marco Campomaggi – an Italian designer exploring the intersection of sculpture and functionality through his collection of handcrafted bags.

The lengths we go to make garments feel distressed; the hand stitching and hand knitted items; and the specific color combinations — all reflect our archeology and our history.

Ümit Ünal

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