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Pamela Adger

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Pamela Adger designed jewelry for over 44 years. Her unique materials are sourced from both international culture and the natural world to create sculptural pieces both modern and ancient. Pamela’s work is about the elemental rawness of hunting and gathering, touching and listening and remembering the interconnectedness of all that is created.

Pamela prioritized honoring and respecting the gifts of Nature. Her jewelry integrates the teaching of the Four Sacred Worlds of mineral, plant, animal and human with daily life. Her intention was to give beauty, grace, love and compassion back to the world that provided her with such abundance.

Her work is a labor of love that makes us take a moment to think, pause and honor the Earth we live on. Her use of everyday elements in new combinations, as well as the inclusion of the extraordinary and rare, reinvents the purpose of material and gives them fresh value. 

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