Antonia Munroe
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Antonia Munroe

Camden, Maine

Antonia Munroe is foremost a painter, with an enduring love of textiles. In a small village on the coast of Maine, Antonia pursues the art of block printing on linen, cotton, silk, and wool. Her collection of limited edition textiles is informed by extensive travel, research and study of historical methods and materials, primarily in India but also influenced by the study of European and Japanese textile traditions. A distinct aesthetic and love of detail permeates all Antonia Textile designs.

Indigo, a blue dye in use for millennia, and which is extracted from the noble Indigofera tinctoria plant, plays center stage for Antonia. However, certain natural dyes such as myrobalan, madder, pomegranate, and cutch are also presented, offering a mysterious earthy palette providing beautiful background colors over which the artist stencils hand-mixed textile print pastes.The brilliant colors she is able to achieve using fiber-reactive dyes add another dimension to the entire collection.

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