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Angel Chang

Guizhou, China

Self-described as a “seed-to-button” designer, Angel Chang posits traditional knowledge and craftsmanship as a solution to climate change. Her clothing is traceable to the source, handmade by indigenous artisans using techniques that follow the cycles of nature.

Angel’s career began designing for the Donna Karan Collection and See by Chloé in Paris. Her first eponymous label centered around futuristic fabrics, such as self-heating linings and color-shifting prints. However, innovation does not always translate to sustainability – a tenet she prizes as a contemporary designer.

Today, Angel posits indigenous craftsmanship as a solution to climate change. Her garments are made with zero electricity by the native peoples of the Guizhou province. Her fabrics are traceable to the source – handwoven and handspun using ancient techniques that mimic the cycles of nature.

Angel has been recognized the world over, receiving accolades such as the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award, the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award and the Pernod Ricard China’s Le Cercle Fund –an award for social responsibility to support the preservation of traditional craftsmanship in China.

In conjunction with her clothing design, Angel speaks globally about climate change and indigenous knowledge in regards to fashion. She is both a TED speaker and a Smithsonian artist. 

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