From ancient Greek myths and legends, Sabina Savage shares the stories of three unlikely heroes — lion-hearted Pegasus, faithful Argos and gentle Delphinus. Carefully researched from ancient Greek art, pottery, poetry and literature, Sabina has beautifully rendered her new collection of wearable illustrations.

With Mýthos, Sabina Savage brings tales of courage and bravery with a trio of alternative heroes from Greek myths and Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. Sabina studied ancient Greek art, pottery, poetry and literature to create her new designs — The Temple of Pegasus, Honouring Argos and Dancing Delphinus.

With a nod to the composition and painting styles of ancient Greek pottery vessels, Sabina’s illustrated garments feature details and patterns that pull the wearer back to a time of Greek gods and mythological creatures.

In a temple decorated in his honor, the winged Pegasus bows, shedding his golden bridle onto the watery ground. Four painted vases tell the story of his life including his victory over Chimera. The floral elements of poisonous hemlock and aconite symbolize the duality of the gods.

Sabina delicately rendered this representation of Argos, Odysseus’ faithful dog, shown reclining in the garden of Ithaca. Argos wears wreaths of narcissi, a silver crown and a patterned collar.

A terracotta plaque with other famous dogs of Greek myths sits just above Argos’ head. The flowers of Odysseus’ garden surround the amber-eyed Argos. Bluebells, snowdrops, hellebore and giant fennel – all faunae revered by the Greek gods – are also present.

Sabina’s third design in her Mýthos collection brings us the gentle Delphinus as he travels the sea on his final journey to his new home amongst the stars. Delphinus swims in the center of this design, wearing golden stars and a kithara, the stringed instrument of the poet, Arion. A wooden trireme, like the seafaring vessels described in The Odyssey, floats below and an arc of nautical details including shells, flying fish and sculpted vases ring the Dancing Delphinus.

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