Caring for Garments in Between Washes

To help maintain the look of your garments in between washes:

• Spot clean small stains with water and if necessary, a mild, un-dyed soap.
• Use a sweater comb or stone to shave pills and lint off of sweaters
• Wear a washable cotton slip underneath specialty pieces to extend precious time between washings.
• Air clothes out between each wear.
• Keep cashmere and wool sweaters in a drawer with cedar blocks to repel moths. Additionally, lavender can be a lovely moth repellent.

Caring for Cashmere

Contrary to popular belief, cashmere does not require professional dry-cleaning. Cashmere is in the wool family, and therefore possible to care for at home. The caveat being that cashmere is always safest to handwash to maintain its delicate and lustrous softness. The best method to do so is to fill a basin with lukewarm water and wash with a cleanser specifically made for wool and cashmere. Dip the garment in the bath, gently swish it around and let it soak up to half an hour. Afterwards, drain the dirty water and rinse with cool, clean water. To dry, avoid the urge to wring the garment! This manipulates the fibers and can disfigure the piece’s shape. Instead, press out the water by rolling the garment up into a towel, and then hang dry.

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