Vintage 20th Century Japanese Indigo Boro Futonji

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Vintage 20th Century Japanese Indigo Boro Futonji

Boro is a Japanese textile made of repurposed fabrics. The Japanese folk art movement highly valued pieces like this because they embodied yō no bi, which means "beauty in practicality". These patchwork textiles were often made into futonji, noragi and other household pieces.

Patches of indigo striped, plaid and solid-colored early 20th century fabric make up this boro futonji. Each piece of fabric is secured with cotton stitching for durability.

• 20th Century Textiles
• Traditional Patchwork
• Hand-Stitched Elements
• Functional and Decorative Stitching
• Various Textiles and Patterns
• Originally Stitched Together as a Futonji Cover

Vintage and antique textiles have experienced a full life before making their way to our stores. A vintage item of exceptional quality should not be viewed as brand new, as it shows signs of a lifetime, or several, being used and appreciated by its original makers. Evidence of this well-lived life may be visible in slightly distressed fabric, loose threads, small tears, non-standard sizes and other unique imperfections.

Material: Exact Fabric Content Unknown, Most Likely Japanese Cotton
Size: Approx. 54" x 64"
Origin: Made in Japan

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