Exceptional Antique Fulani Shawl Blanket from Mali in Cream/Black

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Exceptional Antique Fulani Shawl Blanket from Mali in Cream/Black

Textiles such as these were made by the Fulani people as ceremonial wedding blankets and family heirlooms. It takes several weavers anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to create, depending on the intricacy of the pattern. Any supplementary weft leftover after the piece is stitched together is used for extra adornments. Many Fulani wedding blankets are made of a camel hair, wool and cotton blend.

• Sheep's Wool
• Wedding Blanket
• Handcrafted on a Narrow Loom
• Fringed Elements
• Exquisite and Elaborate Patterning
• Medium Weight

Vintage and antique textiles have experienced a full life before making their way to our stores. A vintage item of exceptional quality should not be viewed as brand new, as it shows signs of a lifetime, or several, being used and appreciated by its original makers. Evidence of this well-lived life may be visible in slightly distressed fabric, loose threads, small tears, non-standard sizes and other unique imperfections.

Material: 100% Sheep's Wool
Size: Approx. 92" L x 48" W
Origin: Made in Mali

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