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Campi Bisenzio, Italy

Masnada is the result of Angelo Iannello’s extensive study of shapes and the multiple identities they can become, combined with a profound love for experimentation and research. Founded in 2007, the line began with Angelo’s desire to transmit emotion through the use of beautiful materials and sensual designs. For Masnada, clothing is viewed as a work of art and created as such with exclusive fabrics and meticulously precise Italian tailoring.

Angelo leads a team of creative designers with a highly skilled range of experience, including theatrical costume design in the UK. Together they give form and volume to natural fiber fabrics with exquisite texture, creating each piece with sensitivity and care in Tuscany and Umbria. High quality is prioritized through a tailored, artisan finish and style with integrity. The quality craftsmanship also speaks to Masnada’s ethical commitment. The company is strongly against the inhumane labor practices of the fast fashion world, particularly child exploitation.

Masnada is aimed at those who love freedom, who are not afraid of breaking preconceived molds. Each garment from a Masnada collection is timeless, created in elegant fabrics with soft-hued colors of nature and modern, expert tailoring. The sensation of wearing Masnada becomes an inspiration for both the person wearing the piece and the people they encounter. Masnada’s goal is not to satisfy the masses, but to satisfy a select clientele who values natural materials and fine textiles. Masanada is designed for those who appreciate the process of creating a masterpiece.

Masnada Plûs is a distinct capsule collection from the Masnada company. Every single garment is slightly different, treated by hand in artisanal embellishment processes inspired by the world of contemporary art. Art techniques used include fresco, graffiti, acrylics, hatsuboku, water colors, ombré, gold leaf and resist-dyeing techniques. Because of the uniqueness of each item, they are numbered individually by the skilled artist who decorates the piece. From barely there tonal shadings to distinctive patterns in rich color ways, the exclusive natural fiber fabrics create a timeless look enhanced by precise Italian tailoring.

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