Silver, Brass, Large Amulet Ring

Pamela Adger



Product Details

Pamela Adger Silver, Brass, Large Amulet Ring

• Unknown Textured Element with Brass "Button" Inlay
• Element Bezel Set in Sterling Silver with Brass Linework
• Specially Finished, Textured Brass & Silver Band

Pamela Adger designed jewelry for over 44 years. Her unique materials are sourced from both international culture and the natural world to create sculptural pieces both modern and ancient. Pamela’s work is about the elemental rawness of hunting and gathering, touching and listening and remembering the interconnectedness of all that is created.

Materials: Silver, Brass, Some Materials Unknown
Ring Face Size: Approx. 2" L x 1.1" W
Ring Size: 8
Origin: Made in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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