Aoyama Incense Box

Astier de Villatte



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Astier de Villatte Aoyama Incense Box

Damp wood, incense, and freshly laundered linen, evoke for Sonya Park the typical smell of an old, wooden Japanese house from the neighborhood of Aoyama. Exquisite traces of highly chic Patchouli of smoked wood and of cloves. Incense hand made in Japan by the Koh-shis (Masters of Aroma) of the Island of Awaji. Perfume conceived with Françoise Caron and the Takasago team.

• Fragrance Notes: Damp Wood, Linen, Damp Wood, Gaiac, Vetiver, Cloves
• 125 Pieces
• Handmade in Japan by the Koh-shis

Burn Time: 30 Minutes Each
Origin: Handmade in Japan


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