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Cecchi de Rossi

Tuscany, Italy

Cecchi de Rossi is an Italian fashion label that aims to celebrate the traditions of leather working whilst creating unique and contemporary designs. Exclusive, innovative and entirely handmade, Cecchi de Rossi is also zero waste and eco-friendly. The brand started with the occurrence of coincidental events in 2007; Tommaso Cecchi de’ Rossi, the designer and founder of the brand, used to occasionally design and produce leather bags for his personal use. Thanks to a wine-spilling accident, a natural coloring technique which uses wine and other natural extracts to color the leather, was developed and patented later in 2009.

Cecchi de Rossi was launched the year after with a Spring-Summer collection of wine-treated leather accessories and has since than developed many collections and collaborations, cultivating its savoir-faire. Their aim is to explore new technical developments whilst transmitting tradition and applying inherited knowledge to contemporary times.

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