Sabina Savage: The Imaginative Story of Botanist Turned Adventurer, Alfred Swift

Sabina Savage creates extraordinary narratives that tell imaginative and detailed stories about the lives of animals both great and small.

In this collection, Sabina tells the story of a botanical and zoological artist, Alfred Swift. Growing up in rural 19th century Holland, Alfred was a quiet child, often alone with his sketchbook or dissecting plant and fruit specimens through a magnifying glass. Now a young scholar, Alfred works as a researcher for the university. His quiet daily life consists of cataloguing and categorizing small insect species for the university’s historical zoological records. However, on June 26th 1839, Alfred’s life is thrown in a very different direction. Magnus Finch, the university’s most esteemed explorer and researcher has, unfortunately, been eaten by a bear during his travels through North America. The problem remains that the southern states have not yet been catalogued, and as the only other researcher in the department, Alfred is swept onto a ship and sent on his way. The scarves tell this story…

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