Silk and Cashmere The Wind Horse Stole Madder Red, Sky Blue

Sabina Savage



Sabina Savage Silk and Cashmere The Wind Horse Stole in Madder Red & Sky Blue

• Rectangular Stole
• Printed from a Hand-Drawn Illustration
• The Original Illustration takes Sabina Around Six Weeks to Complete
• Hand-Dyed Cashmere Backing
• Woven
• Multicolor
• Medium Weight

This design is inspired by ancient Tibetan thangkas and prayer flags. It features a galloping horse, representing the mythical Wind Horse from Tibetan mythology. The horse wears a traditional saddle with a Tibetan tiger rug as the saddle cloth, and dzi beads decorating the trappings. Detailed stirrups line the top and bottom of the design, each holding a small Ga’u box with a charm hidden inside for prosperity. On the horse’s back rides a small mongoose vomiting jewels, a sign of good luck, alongside the flaming, wish-fulfilling jewel, bringing peace, wealth and harmony. In each corner of the scarf are small carved charms representing the four animals of the cardinal directions, the garuda, the dragon, the tiger and the snow lion. Beneath the horse is a stylized representation of a bed of lotus petals, as often found in traditional thangkas. The prayer flags (also known as a wind horse) that arc around the design are another symbol of good fortune. The Tibetan script within the design reads ‘tashi delek’, an auspicious greeting meaning ‘good luck and good health’.

Every Sabina Savage design is hand illustrated, telling the story of the collection through the composition and details. The scarves are drawn in full, and the four corners of each scarf offer different elements, ensuring the wearer will display a unique feature however the scarf is folded.

Fabric: 100% Silk; Backing: 100% Cashmere
Size: Approx. 66" x 40"
Care: Dry Clean Only
Origin: Printed & Made in Como, Italy

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