Pippa Small

18K, Diamond Chip Drop Earrings


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Pippa Small 18K, Diamond Chip Drop Earrings

Pippa Small believes that every stone has a story to tell. Enchanted by these tiny, portable works of art, Pippa's designs bring to the forefront an authentic perspective on jewelry design.  Her aesthetic is informed by her passion of travelling to places such as Jaipur, Rwanda, Chile and Kabul. This has translated into her production model as well, with the artisans that bring her designs to life being sourced from the small communities to which she travels. These diamonds are unfaceted on their face, but still shine brightly in the light.

• Single Drop
• Asymmetric Unfaceted Foil Black Diamonds Bezel Set in 18K Gold
• Diamonds Hanging from 18K Gold French Hook

Materials: 18K Gold, Foil Black Diamonds
Length: Approx. 1"
Stone Size: Approx. 10mm x 10mm
Origin: Designed in London, England