Antique Lakai Suzani Embroidered Blanket

Mehmet Cetinkaya



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Antique Lakai Suzani Embroidered Blanket

Suzani textiles are most often created with a cotton base and silk embroidery. Chain, satin, button and couching stitches are used to decorate each face. The most popular motifs include: tulips, carnations, irises, vines, and fruits such as pomegranates. 

• Rectangle
• Antique Handmade Textile
• Hand-Embroidered Silk Thread on Handwoven Fabric
• Suzani Floral Motif at Front Face
• Multiple Panels of Embroidery are Stitched Together
• Back Face is a Multicolor Paisley Pattern

The Mehmet Cetinkaya Gallery is an important source of rare textiles for collectors and museums worldwide. Cetinkaya's expertise encompasses regions of western China and the Central Asian Republics, as well as the Caucasus, Iran and Anatolia, historically known as the Silk Road. In the last 10 years his passion for textiles has inspired him to support contemporary craftsmen in an effort to revive the world's richest weaving and embroidery traditions.

Material: 100% Cotton
Embroidery: 100% Silk
Care: Dry Clean Only
Size: 91.5" x 57.5"
Origin: Made in Turkey

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