Hmong Hemp Homespun Pillow in Red

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Antique and Vintage Hmong Hemp Homespun Pillow in Red

Traditional Hmong embroidery was used for decorating clothing, with special embroideries reserved for big events like weddings or funerals. Textiles are still an important aspect of Hmong culture and the techniques they use include embroidery, applique, reverse applique and batik. Similar to embroidery, batik dye patterns are a tradition that has survived thanks to generations of women.

• Handmade
• Made Entirely with Antique and Vintage Homespun Material
• Blue and Red Pattern
• Intricate Dyed Pattern
 Hand Embroidered Details
• Textured
• Pillow Insert Included
• Small Hidden Zipper Closure

Vintage and antique textiles have experienced a full life before making their way to our stores. A vintage item of exceptional quality should not be viewed as brand new, as it shows signs of a lifetime, or several, being used and appreciated by its original makers. Evidence of this well-lived life may be visible in slightly distressed fabric, loose threads, small tears, non-standard sizes and other unique imperfections.

Material: Hemp; Exact Fabric Content Unknown
Cushion: 70% Duck Feathers, 30% Down
Care: Dry Clean Only
Size: Approx. 19"x 19"
Origin: Made in India

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