Surf & Saltwater

Gilda Midani’s playfulness has always found a balance with her love of moody color.

In hand-dyed linen and cotton, her breezy silhouettes are lightweight, carefree and totally beachy keen. However when steeped in indigo, a favorite hue in the Midani palette, we feel an echo of saltwater — dark and cool.

Gilda’s core optimism is buoyed by the contrasts found throughout the delivery — blue and red, ocean and earth, day and night. The sun, caught right at dusk, peeks through a crimson she calls Barn. Meanwhile, Rothko-esque cyan squares float across the cloud-like background of an undyed top in Zone. Splashes of that precious saltwater indigo reappear in dots that crawl up a pattern cheekily titled “Dust.”

Joining the tees and longer tunics of this delivery is a selection of Gilda’s famed egg pants. The denim variety is an elevated take on the classic jean that is still appropriate to throw on in hot weather.

When seeking respite, both vacation and staycation, we wish to lose ourselves. To feel freedom, joy and optimism without severing our tether to reality. Perhaps that’s why Gilda’s pieces are among our favorites for summer — whether draped over a one-piece on a coastal getaway or worn loose and layered for a city adventure, each imbues us with a sense of our head in the clouds and toes in the water.

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