A Gemstone Sunset

With Greig Porter as our house designer, our access into his studio, collection and creative vision is unparalleled by any other artist in our stable.

We are lucky to be so closely entwined with a creative mind such as his – Greig sees little obstacle to creating fine jewelry with any type of gem. Through each ring, necklace or earring, another piece of his artistic puzzle (and unknown hue on his jeweler’s palette) is revealed.

Creativity and curiosity are tenets Greig has in spades. He’s not at all taken with just the glitzy celebrities of the bunch – such as the diamonds, sapphires and rubies of the world – but with the more unknown (but no less beautiful!) jewels off the beaten path.

It’s not unusual to see a honeyed spessartite garnet or a crimson sphalerite twinkling within Greig’s workshop. In this, he allows his stones to “speak” – using carefully considered facets and minimal bezels to best show off each gem’s natural character.

“It’s always the color. It doesn’t matter what [the stone] particularly is, it’s the color. If I find something that has great color and clarity, then that’s likely to be my favorite stone of the moment.”

— Greig Porter

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