Antique and Vintage Baloch Pillows | New Arrivals

When: October 24, 2020

New pillows created with antique and vintage textiles are now available at Wild Life!

The Baloch people are those who live mainly on the southeastern-most edge of the Iranian Plateau. Their hand-embroidered textiles traditionally served multiple uses that benefit the community, such as the Balisht – which could act as a bag for storing grain or a comfortable cushion. A distinct charm resonates from these vintage fabrics, in both their methodology and their detail. Delicate fringes offset angular and geometric patterning. Tassels and knots add an extra layer of tactile interest. The pleasant repeating patterns of their embroidery belie an incredible intricacy when viewed closely. While it is rare to see blue and green in Baloch textiles, here we find them alongside the orange and raisin hues of their traditional style.

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