Une Bonne Soirée

As the sun descends over Paris, an indescribable magic envelopes the streets. Small boutiques cast a warm glow from their glazed windows – a visual feast of couture and confections alike.

Walking the cobblestones reveals a pageant of well-dressed individuals, each a testament to Paris’s legendary style. Locals and visitors alike echo this aura of elegance – informed by the many maisons who call this city home. Despite hailing from Sicily, Nanna Pause’s aesthetic intuition is right at home in this French scene – she did cut her teeth at Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton after all.

A creative force in the industry for the last 20 years, Nanna has developed her namesake line to play well among the greats of fashion’s past while simultaneously influencing its future. Gone are the days of overcomplication and forced obsolescence – each piece of Nanna Pause is designed to not only be effortless, but to feel fresh within a wardrobe long past its current season.

Nanna refers to her pieces as perennials – a reference to their longevity in shape and style. Her core textile choices are brushed cashmere, camel hair and baby alpaca, chosen not only for their softness, but for their durability and ease of wear. Her works pair well with the cashmere scarves and wraps of Alonpi, another Italian favorite with a storied French connection.

As we take our Parisian stroll, we feel the kiss of cashmere against skin – a delight for the senses. Amid the backdrop of the city of lights, one’s imagination is captivated by the history of who has walked here before. The soft, amber light of the lampposts accentuates century’s old architecture, turning even the most mundane evening into an inspiring adventure. As day shifts into night, we are enamored with not only fashion’s connection to such a storied place, but our own – where elegance and inspiration are woven into the very fabric of existence.

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